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Alison Beveridge, Feb 23, 2023

Thank you to the e-capital bike team you give fantastic service very helpful and exceptionally trained staff who fitted my bike in at such short notice when I needed it fixing yesterday.

Sonya Tickle, Oct 13, 2022

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Really listened to our requirements and found the perfect bikes. I would definitely recommend!

David Hardman, Sep 15, 2022

Andy you are a gent, went above and beyond helping me out. 5 star rating top notch sir, any problems you have with your e bike or other then take it here you wont regret it. Cheers andy

david shaw, Sep 13, 2022

I’ve just purchased my first electric bike at Ebike Capital and the service was top notch. Good communication and friendly, helpful staff.

Naseem Allahi, Aug 27, 2022

Outstanding service from the team at Ebike Capital, especially from Andrew, who stepped up whenever we needed help with the e-bike! Always ready to help when we needed it. In the end the e-bike is a thing and something can go wrong with it but we are so happy with service we have received from them not only when we went to buy the bike but also the follow up service was outstanding. For example we forgot the key of the bike at the shop and Andrew made the effort to have this delivered personally to our house instead of us collecting it from the shop!

David Finlay, Jun 18, 2022

This company offers a level of service which is a different class to another company I have dealt with. I would recommend them to anyone interested in e bikes whatever the distance you have to travel a great range of products and excellent cycling knowledge

Scott Vasey, Jun 11, 2022

Went in to get brake pads fitted as well as the back tire. Had it fixed and ready to go within 40 minutes, very polite manager with a positive attitude, definitely recommend for any sort of bike repairs

Rizwaan Lakhi, May 28, 2022

Brilliant customer service from the team Had a couple of minor issues with the bike chain, which were promptly fixed! No faffing about! The showroom is always up to date with the latest e bikes

Stephen Clements, May 22, 2022

I had a problem with a Shimano Steps battery that I had purchased new, as a spare, from a 3rd party. The battery would not talk to the motor or head unit on my bike, rendering it useless, and I was struggling to get an answer. Andrew @ Ebike Capital had a look at it, even buying in the necessary diagnostic lead, and sorted the problem pronto. Fantastic customer service from a really nice bloke. I would definitely recommend them.